Trubjela: Reconstruction of the road towards Vilusi finished

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After reconstruction of approximately 5.5 kilometres of the road from Niksic towards Vilusi, in Kuside location, Directorate of transport constinued with works on expanding the bottlenecks so on this route at location Trubjela another 2.5 kilometres of the road was reconstructed.

Representatives of the Directorate for transport of municipality of Niksic and contractors – companies Mehanizacija and Programat visited the aforementioned section today.

Savo Paraca from the Directorate for transport said that he’s more than satisfied by the reconstruction and added that they will continue with works in the upcoming period at this same route on several locations, it was reported by web portal Onogost.

Veselin Grbovic, mayor of Niksic, also expressed his satisfaction by the works emphasizing that the construction of the third lane in Kuside the users of this road got eight kilometres of a totally reconstructed road towards Vilusi, as well as towards Bileca, Trebinje and Boka.

“This road is very important to us, since it has high frequency of usage, especially after the road Risan-Niksic-Zabljak was finished, because many tourists from Serbia use this route now. This now means an additional comfort, security and safety in traffic because this route was the most problematic one, and several accidents with victims happened here”, said Grbovic.

He emphasized that by finishing the planned reconstructions the safety at this route will be significantly improved.

Finally he expressed his desire and hope that another significant project will start soom, and that is construction of the new road from Niksic towards Cetinje.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro