Tunnelling at Vjeternik to begin in two weeks

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The construction of one of the two most complex structures for the section Smokovac – Matesevo section of the Bar – Boljare highway. It is the Vjeternik tunnel above the site of Pelev Brijeg.

Pobjeda visited the site and confirmed that preparatory works are underway. “We don’t want an uncontrollable landslide to occur so we are carrying out a study of the land. Also, the access roads are a big challenge since the road to Vjeternik is very narrow so we have begun the work of widening it in order to allow vehicles to pass more easily,” said CRBC.

Last week the Ministry of Transport sent a request to the Ministry of Tourism and Sustainable Development for issuing construction permit for tunnels Moracica and Vjetrenik. The construction permit for Vjetrenik tunnel was issued on 28 April.

Pobjeda reporters visited the site and saw that the preparatory works on the tunnel construction are underway. While approaching Vjeternik, they noticed that works on widening the old road, where it was difficult for two vehicles to pass at the same time, were ongoing. At the site where the Vjeternik tunnel will be located, they found about fifty workers, dozens of trucks and several excavators working. Works have started and equipment has yet to arrive. The CRBC company has told Pobjeda newspaper that further work is necessary at Vjeternik to prepare the site to receive machines and further studies need to be completed before tunnelling can begin.

“Entrance of the tunnel will be here and the exit will be on the other side. Tunnelling is likely to start in two weeks, but until then we have to finish a lot of work. We have to finish all access roads in order for machines to reach the site”, one of the engineers told Pobjeda’s reporters. In addition to the aforementioned works, it is also necessary to examine the soil for the tunnelling to be safer.

“We do not want some unpredicted landslide to happen, but we are examining the land. In addition, access roads are a big challenge, because the road to Vjetrenik is very narrow, so we started to widen it to provide easier passing of vehicles”, CRBC stated .

The expert team of the Chinese company insisted on completing projects for two largest and the most challenging structures – the Vjeternik tunnel and the Moracica bridge, figuring that they should be constructed at the beginning, since it will take longer.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro