Tuponja: It is funny that Demos and URA are now cooperating with DPS

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Positive Montenegro has given its confidence to the Government based on the conditions of opposition joining the Government and signing the Agreement. Opposition joining Government represents the achievement of Crisis Management plan created by Positive, said its representative Goran Tuponja.

He thanked all of the participants and signatories of the Agreement for the help in further development of Positive’s plan.

“You have done something that is good for Montenegro’s democracy. I understand it was difficult, but we need also understand the position and frustration of Demos and URA coalition. Their animosity towards Positive also needs to be understood. It all came to be as Positive had planned. I would be frustrated as well if I were them, and I would also try to present the Agreement as something that has nothing to do with the Positive, do not take offence”, Tuponja wrote on Facebook.

He reminded that until recently officials of Demos and URA called everyone who even thought of conversation with DPS traitors, and now they signing the Agreement with this party.

“They are now cooperating with DPS, they will be a part of despised Đukanović’s Government. Now they must defend these activities. It is laughable. They do not have it easy, they must eat their own words and turn tables every so often. Who would know with them.. I cannot say I am sorry for them, I am even a little spiteful.. But it is not important”, Tuponja wrote.

On the other hand, he added, SDP does not have such a problem because they are not “undecided on joining leadership”.

“On the contrary, if only they could somehow remain in the Government, glue themselves for their 18 year old chairs, so they become inseparable. It would be perfect for them if they were both the Government and the opposition. Or to be in the opposition but be leaders.. I cannot tell what do they want, but it would be good if they themselves knew. Although, I am not sure anyone knows this. I am only certain that DPS will throw them out head first, along with the cairs. DPS people complained to me, they say it is unprecedented, SDP is like lice, cannot get rid of them”, Tuponja wrote.

He underlined the importance of the political moment and that it is very good that Montenegro reached an agreement, no matter who takes the credit.

“Everything else is less important, we will get over it and forget all personal and party frustrations. In my humble opinion, this is a very significant moment in recent political history of Montenegro”, Tuponja concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro