Tuponja: Pozitivna will be a part of the Government and there’s no discussion about that

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Pozitivna will be a part of the Government of electoral confidence and that’s not something that needs further discussion, said parliament member from this party Goran Tuponja.

“Pozitivna will be a part of the Government and we don’t want to discuss this anymore. Conditions and plan that Pozitivna presented to Government are acceptable to almost everyone and we’re happy because of this democratic progress from the opposition because we chose peaceful and democratic changes instead of breaking down the institutions of the system which is good for both the country and the society”, said Tuponja for Skala radio.

Pozitivna is the one responsible for the signing of the Agreement, regardless of what others are saying now who’re trying to claim other people’s accomplishments.

“It is good that we’re close to the agreement which means continuity in Euroatlantic integrations, more democracy and fair elections. Eventually, it means political stability”, said the president of the parliamentary club of Pozitivna Montenegro.

Asked whether he thinks that the deal might not be reached, considering that some new demands were brought up in recent days, Tuponja said that he is a firm believer that the agreement will happen and that it is at its final act.

Asked about the eventual date of the agreement he said that lex specialis is being created and that working group is continuing to work on it tomorrow.

He said that he believes that lex specialis will be ready in a couple of days and when that happens there is nothing standing in a way of a meeting of the Parliament of Montenegro in which the agreement will be officially voted for.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro