Tuponja: We are the opposition not because someone wants it to or not, but because it is a fact

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As signing the agreement on free and fair elections is drawing near, the question is whether the Positive Montenegro (PCG) will sign it as a ruling or an opposition party. In the very party, there is no dilemma: It claims to be an opposition party “not because someone wants it to or not, but because it is an undeniable fact”.

The head of the PCG’s caucus Goran Tuponja said that answering CdM’s question. Earlier, there were allegations in the public that URA Civic Movement, Demos and the Social Democratic party (SDP) would not allow PCG to sign the agreement as an opposition party.

“It is absurd and politically irresponsible to continue with further blackmail and ultimatums. Desire and intention of the part of the opposition and the ruling SDP to grab higher number of positions for themselves are obvious. They are already publicly speculating about the positions. Positive Montenegro is an opposition party, not because someone wants it or not, but because it is an undeniable fact. Therefore, it is unnecessary to discuss the side from which PCG will enter the government. Since all the opposition representatives will be an integral part of the government, the division between the opposition and the government sides is a particular nonsense”, said Tuponja.

However, he did not say which positions PCG was hoping to get – ministerial or managerial ones, or possibly the post of the parliament speaker.

“The fact that all political entities, the participants of the parliamentary dialogue, are to sign the agreement and enter the open government once again confirms the rightness of PCG’s decision to condition its support to the government by its plan for overcoming the political crisis. Upcoming signing the agreement and adopting the lex specialis represents a major democratic step forward. After 27 years, thanks to PCG, the opposition has been given the opportunity to be a part of the government and to participate in the implementation and control of the entire electoral process”, he said.

After signing the agreement, Parliament should adopt the lex specialis after which a new government will be formed. It will be aimed at organising general elections in the autumn.

Until the elections, the opposition will hold 29 key positions including the government and state-owned companies.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro