Turkish embassy in Podgorica: The people stopped military coup!

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In the short statement from Turkish embassy in Montenegro, that arrived early this morning, it reads that a military coup has been attempted in this country, in order to overthrow democratically chosen Government, but the coup was stopped by Turkish people united in solidarity.

“Our President and our Government are here. Not all military forces were included in the coup, but certain individuals that received their due response from our people”, short statement reads.

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan landed on Ataturk Airport a few hours after military coup in Istanbul and Ankara, where he was awaited by many supporters. He made a speech saying that those involved in the coup will be treated accordingly, no matter their positions in institutions.

He called the coup a gift from God that will help Turkey eliminate officers that were a part of that “gang”.

According to the latest information, the coup was organized in Istanbul and Ankara, and it could not have been victimless. 17 police officers were killed along with a photographer of news agency AFP.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro