Tusk in fluent Montenegrin: You were brave to fight for your independence!

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Montenegrins are a great people and I am certain they will accomplish their dreams of bountiful country, Donald Tusk, President of European Council, said today in fluent Montenegrin, during the central celebration of ten years of independence in Podgorica. He said that our people demonstrated courage fighting for Montenegro’s independence.

Tusk’s speech draw a lot of attention because he used Montenegrin language and demonstrated his knowledge.

“The people who remember are great people. Montenegro is celebrating decade of its independence. This is possible because Montenegrins remembered their beautiful and sometimes tragic history”, Tusk said.

The greatness of a state is not measured by space, nor the greatness of people by a number.

“Today we say great Montenegro, because its size is decided by its courage and wisdom. You were brave fighting for independence. You did not expect any sort of mercy, but respect and understanding of your big, but justified, ambitions”, Tusk said.

According to him, Montenegro today enjoys the respect of the whole international community.

“Courage and pride by themselves are not enough, you need wisdom and patience. You demonstrated these qualities. You defended your independence without victims. You demonstrated your hard work, becoming a symbol of success and not only on the regional level”, he underlined.

Tusk added that Montenegro deserves more.

“I am sure you will accomplish dreams of rich Montenegro, because you are great people”, Tusk concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro