Two elementary schools violated personal integrity of first graders

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Controllers from the Agency for Personal Data Protection and Free Access to Information (AZLP) have determined that two Podgorica’s elementary schools didn’t work in line with the law. Namely, they handed out questionnaires to first grade pupils, relating to their personal data, which were supposed to be filled in by their parents, Pobjeda newspaper reported.

According to the AZLP council chair, Muhamed Djokaj, the schools were handing out the disputable questionnaire without the Ministry of Education’s consent. The questionnaire is determined “to have violated personal integrity and privacy”.

The schools were given a deadline of 30 days to amend the questionnaire when testing children. The schools are also supposed to adopt regulations on the manner of labelling and protecting special categories of personal data and to submit report to the Agency about the collection of personal data created – personal files of students in the prescribed form.

In September, the Centre for Civic Education (CGO) pointed to the questionnaire in elementary schools.

According to the NGO, the questionnaire contained controversial questions such as “Does the pupil’s family use social welfare?”, “Do pupil’s family members suffer any health issues?”, as well as the question of pupil’s family’s housing conditions.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro