Two indictments against Veselin Mujović

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Podgorica businessman Veselin Mujović has been charged in the two indictments for the criminal acts of fraud, with a total of eight cases made against him over the past eighteen years. This was confirmed for Pobjeda daily by the spokeswoman of the Basic State Prosecutor’s Office, Danka Ivanović – Djeric.

Mujović was arrested on February 17 on suspicion of extorting 890.000 euros from the former official of the Democratic Party of Socialists, Svetozar Marovic, to help him with investigations being conducted against him. This investigation is still ongoing, because the prosecution did not hear all the witnesses. Investigators are also checking under what circumstances did he allegedly cheat the father of the former Mayor of Budva, Lazar Rađenović – Ljubo Radjenovic – from whom he allegedly took 20.000 euros to help his son who was at the time held in custody on suspicion of having participated in five Budva affairs which substantially damaged the municipal budget.

It is also suspected that Mujović tried to take money from the former manager of the municipality of Budva, Aleksandar Ticic, from whom he sought 100,000 euros in order to “influence the Prosecution to delete him from Košljun case indictment”. Ticic refused to pay.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro