Two votes decide on the fate of mothers

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The mother’s representative Zeljka Savkovic said that only two votes would be able to decide on their fate, assessing that today is the day D for mothers in Montenegro.

In addressing the parliament, she told the Liberal Party (LP) MP Andrija Popovic during the debate about the abolition of benefits to mothers to remember what he once said to mothers.

She asked mothers, DPS deputies, to think well about how to vote and not forget that once their child will ask them: “Mother, how you voted for mother”.

Savkovic also said that the government was ready to destroy what was left to them.

Earlier today in a speech to the media she said 22,000 mothers were deceived.

“The mothers who are the most affected are here, after a long time the mothers from Rozaje appeared, we believe that this will make it known to the Bosniak party that they have to make good choices about how to vote,” Savkovic said.

Savkovic announced protests if deputies today vote for the cancellation of fees.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro