Ulcinj: The cornerstone of the primary school

The cornerstone of the elementary school “Bedri Elezaga” which is laid in Ulcinj today, indicates the good cooperation of the state, municipalities and the Diaspora having in mind that it is a frontier region, Minister Predrag Boskovic said.

He said that one of the priorities of the Ministry of Education is to raise the quality of general education, but that, as he said, one of the immediate priorities is to raise the quality of education of minority peoples in Montenegro.

“Having in mind that this is a frontier region, this project means good cooperation between the state, municipalities and the Diaspora”, Boskovic said.

He recalled that the Albanian national community expressed a number of objections to certain parts of the education system of Montenegro, which, according to Boskovic, in cooperation with the Albanian National Council, the Ministry started to tackle the last few months.

“In a very short period of time we have made several important breakthroughs in raising the quality of education of children of Albanian national community”, Boskovic concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro