Uljarevic on Tivat elections: Empty politics and confusion of citizens

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Another campaign for local elections, this time for those scheduled for this Sunday in Tivat, showed that our politicians don’t have true local campaigns nor do they support the concept of solving local communities problems, said in a statement to CdM Daliborka Uljarevic, Executive director of Center for Civic Education. She emphasized that chief of DPS Milo Djukanovic used some empty and cheap politics towards the end of the campaign and that president of the parliament Ranko Krivokapic confused voters and that he has to prove where he really stands. Besides this, Uljarevic thinks that boycott by a significant part of the oppositions puts a shade on legitimacy of the elections.

She thinks that true local campaigns don’t exist in Montenegro because the system of party management has been centralized and along with it all of the elections, regardless where they occur, have much wider context.

“Elections in Tivat are no exception, and furthermore because of the specifics of the moment they have been used more than some other local elections for clashes and calculations on national level. And because of this, unfortunately, many local problems will remain neglected and the concept of local elections will remain undermined”, she said.

Key player on this election will be DPS. Djukanovic said that elections in Tivat are a crossroad between staying undeveloped and joining most developed European destinations, which is why DPS needs absolute majority so that nobody could blackmail them.

Krivokapic, on the other hand, said that inly strong SDP is a guarantee that Tivat won’t become Budva. He also added that SDP is not a party which will accept any master if someone thinks that they may rule Montenegro by fear, those same persons will disappear in fear.

These elections are also specific because a significant part of the opposition is boycotting it. Among these parties are Demos, Democrats, Democratic Front and URA. Uljarevic doesn’t think that this is reflection of their weakness.

“That is the most effective way to express a consistent political position that these elections are not free and fair and that they cannot participate until these conditions are met. The problem in Tivat is that majority of the opposition boycotts the election believing that they will not be free and fair, which will also cast a shadow on their own legitimacy”, she emphasized.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro