Underground wars: Božidar Tomašević killed 100 meters away from Bar Police

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Božidar Tomašević was killed last night around 22h, 100 meters away from the building of Bar Police. Police is looking for the killer.

The killer shot a few times and ran. Police is looking for him, which is why traffic in Bar was blocked last night.

All the evidence points to clan fights in Bar.

Killed Tomašević, who lived in Novi Sad during the last few years, was known to the Police. He was a member of one of Bar clans, that was disbanded since.

He was arrested in 2008 under suspicion that he was a part of a group who prepared murder of Veselin Bujić, leader of one of the strongest criminal groups in Bar at the time.

Aside from him, Police arrested Jovica Zindović, Nikola and Goran Spasojević, Zoran Vukčević, Željko Radunović, Slaviša Kovačević and Rade Mrvaljević back then.

Higher Court in Podgorica released them from the charges of murder of Veselin Bujić in July 2010.

Appelational Court confirmed the verdict.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro