“United” opposition, monument on hold

Councilors of the Assembly of the Capital did not vote yesterday on the decision for erecting a monument to the Duke Mirko Petrovic in Podgorica. After the opposition left the session, thus leaving the parliament without a quorum for further work, voting will be done when session continues, probably on April 14th.

The decision which united the opposition and divided the parliament was on the agenda of the Assembly after 19 PM, which did not prevent the opposition councilors to react boisterously because of government’s intentions to build a monument to the Duke who they think did not deserved it.

Due to the sensitivity of the issue, councilors Branka Bosnjak, Goran Radonjic, Vladimir Cadjenovic and Dragan Ivanovic asked for the said item to be omitted from the agenda.

“There is no need to insist on the divisions and to open old wounds. Why this suits someone now I do not know,” said Bosnjak, Dnevne novine reports.

However, the request of councilors was rejected and secretary for culture and sport Nela Savkovic-Vukcevic explained that the Secretariat initiated the restoration of the monument which was erected in 1886 in the town square.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro