URA and Demos remain partners

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The Demos’ decision to remain in the government of electoral trust is completely legitimate and the URA will remain open for cooperation in order to achieve free and fair elections, said the vice-president of the Civic Movement URA, Dritan Abazovic.

He said that in the fight for free and fair elections Demos would have political and moral support of the URA, adding that it does not disturb the relations between the two political entities.

“On the contrary, we remain fully open for cooperation and support to each other, with the aim of achieving free and fair elections, nevertheless our decision is unchangeable and we will not continue to participate in the activities of the government of electoral confidence,” Abazovic told reporters in parliament.

Commenting on the possibility of forming a coalition team ahead of the elections, he recalled that the URA several times publicly appealed for the establishment of civil bloc, in order to create alternatives that could finally bring down the Democratic Party of Socialists. “Regardless of the fact that they are likely to resort to electoral malpractices”.

“We remain open regarding this issue and we are actively preparing and working on the field and in the preparation of the program,” said Abazovic.

He added that the Demos also agrees that for a week to ten days could be established contacts and examined the possibility of forming a coalition.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro