URA and Demos: SNP and SDP are confusing the public

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Leaders of Demos and GP URA Miodrag Lekić and Žarko Rakčević sent a note today to the leaders of SNP Srđan Milić and SDP Ranko Krivokapić that reminded them to be responsible and reach the agreement on the seats belonging to the opposition in the new Government.

TV Vijesti learns that the note also states that the most principled and just model to follow in reaching the agreement is to have all four opposition parties have one minister function each, and that the Vice President of the Government be a non-party individual.

Demos and URA pleaded with SNP and SDP to consider the options under which to share the vice presidency, minister seat for agriculture and minister assistant seats in education and health.

Rakčević and Lekić remind Milić and Krivokapić that the decision on the new structure will be made on May 4th.

They also insisted that everyone entering the new Government needs to be aware of the fact that they are not entering in order to further their own agenda and policies, but to stop the abuse of state resources and prevent election rigging.

URA and Demos claim that SNP and SDP are confusing the public: SNP by asking two minister seats, and SDP by letting others take their responsibility.

Lekić and Rakčević call to the leadership of these parties to be aware of their responsibility and find a model that will ensure the functionality of the new Government.

It was agreed earlier that the seat of the interior affairs goes to Demos, specifically Goran Danilović.

URA suggest NGO activist Boris Marić as a non-party individual to take the seat of minister of labor and social welfare.

Opposition should also get seats of ministers in finance and agriculture, and one vice presidence.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro