URA and SDP will “have” these positions

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Civic Movement URA shall get management positions in the Employment Bureau and the Transport Directorate , as well as the position of assistant in the Administration for Inspection affairs.

The Social Democratic Party will “cover” the Health Fund, the Real Estate Agency and the Directorate for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises, said Dritan Abazovic from URA and Mirko Stanic from SDP for TV Montenegro.

Earlier today, an official of the Civic Movement URA, Nedjeljko Rudovic, said that the list of candidates for assistant positions in the Ministries of Education and Health, and the Inspector General of the National Security Agency (NSA) should be considered at the Government meeting tomorrow.

Rudovic said that representatives of the opposition troika, which are signatories to the agreement, would “equally distribute positions in the public administration”, which were important in order to meet the goal, that is for “blocking of the theft.”

“SNP, unfortunately, did not share our view of the functioning and the purpose of the government. They were looking for something different, those are exclusively tools for the implementation of the party’s program. There is no space here to implement the party’s program. The purpose of the government is to block the mechanisms for buying votes and to prevent abuses, ” said Rudovic for Radio Montenegro.

He pointed out that he expected the second phase of the agreement to go smoothly and that there would be no problems, as was the case during allocation of ministerial posts.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro