URA cannot gather opposition

There aren’t many new faces and offers on the Montenegrin political scene, said an official of the Democratic Front (DF) Slaven Radunovic, stating that it is not realistic, that someone who has not confirmed its establishment in the electorate , is the core around which the opposition would gather.

Vice president of the Civic Movement URA Rade Bojovic, has said that it is essential that the opposition take the helm of the new political forces such as the URA’ and emerging organizations, announcing a willingness to break with the practice of previous opposition.

“Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of new faces and offers on the Montenegrin political scene. The word is mainly about the reconfiguration of the current scene in the opposition. Although there are, and we expect a lot of changes in the part of the ruling parties. ” Radunovic said in an interview with agency Mina.

Asked specifically what he thinks he pointed to events in the Social Democratic Party (SDP): “Where tumultuous changes are expected, regardless of which candidate will have a majority and become president.”

He believes that the new political forces that are being formed these days, unfortunately, do not have new political faces. It remains to be seen what they would offer to Montenegrin political scene.

He recalled that DF was established to be the alliance of the entire opposition not only of some parties.

“But back then some people did not recognize the opportunities given by the idea of DF, so that several relevant parties remained out of Front. Today, it would be logical that Front, as the strongest opposition group, is the core which would gather other parties,” Radunovic concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro