URA, Demos and SDP replied: The deal fails if our proposals are not accepted

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URA Civic Movement, Demos and Social Democratic Party (SDP) sent the list of candidates for ministerial posts in the government of electoral trust to PM Milo Djukanovic. When it comes to the candidate for the minister of agriculture, they plan to propose him/her on the eve of the Parliament’s session, Dnevne Novine newspaper reports in its Wednesday’s edition.

However, there is a chance that the agreement is not reached, because these three parties will not accept make new concessions to Socialist People’s Party (SNP).

Earlier on Tuesday, Demos, URA and SDP proposed Milenko Popovic (independent figure) as a candidate for the deputy prime minister, Goran Danilovic (Demos) for interior minister, Rasko Konjevic (SDP) for finance minister and Boris Maric (NGO sector representative on behalf of URA) for minister of labour and social welfare in the government of electoral trust.

However, SNP posed a condition – the party will sign the agreement on free and fair elections and enter the government of electoral trust, but only if it gets two ministerial posts.

Radivoje Rasovic is a candidate for the minister of agriculture. SNP also requires its representative Veselin Bakic to be the minister of finance, regardless the fact that SDP proposed its candidate Rasko Konjevic for that position.

URA considers the SNP’s position unacceptable.

The member of the URA Coordination Committee Nedjeljko Rudovic told CdM news portal that SNP’s ultimatum was causing a deep distrust

The Parliament’s sessions at which MPs will discuss the draft law on the implementation of the agreement on creation of conditions for free and fair elections (lex specialis), changes in the composition of the government and the dismissal of the Speaker of the Parliament Ranko Krivokapic has been scheduled for tomorrow. The session will last at least two days.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro