URA in coalition with SNP and Demos: It will not allow division about NATO

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After the Socialist People’s Party (SNP) made decision on joining the coalition, URA Civic Movement did the same. Zarko Rakcevic’s party will run in the general elections on 16 October in the coalition with Miodrag Lekic’s Demos and Srdjan Milic’s SNP.

The party leader Zarko Rakcevic confirmed that at a news conference.

“We believe that this trio guarantees civic Montenegro, peaceful changes, the European path and that it represents a strong alternative to bad politics. These developments must be stopped. Montenegro does not need a coup. We need peaceful changes for the better”, Rakcevic said.

He hopes that the coalition will be a main point bringing together all those who, as he said, are betrayed after the referendum in 2006.

He points out that he does not expect any misunderstandings about sharing the parliament seats.

Journalists wanted to know whether certain problems could appear in the coalition because URA supports NATO membership of Montenegro, whereas SNP is against it.

“It is well known that Montenegro is divided over the issue. It is well known that we have an affirmative attitude. It is known that SNP has a different position. We are gathering around the recovery of Montenegro and NATO is not the most important thing in Montenegro. We do not want to be divided and to insist on divisions. These elections are not about NATO issue. We will not allow to be divided”, Rakcevic said.

He added that the three parties will not be the only members of the coalition.

“This is a core and backbone. The doors are not closed”, he said.

Demos’ official confirmation is expected latter. The party leader Miodrag Lekic will held a press conference.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro