URA is leaving the government! “It is realistic for Demos and SDP to do the same”

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The URA Civic Movement will leave the government of electoral trust. The leader of the movement Zarko Rakcevic announced this at a press conference. He expects other members of Troika to make the same move.

“We will wait for Demos and SDP’s decisions. URA is not rushing or pushing anyone to act. We were together in this process and there is a real chance that this will be a joint decision”, Rakcevic said.

URA is leaving the government because the agreement on free and fair elections has been violated by the DPS, since the party passed a series of laws and decisions in the Parliament without making agreement with opposition representatives. According to Rakcevic, the laws are harmful to the interests of Montenegro.

“We had outvoting instead of a consensus. Harmful contracts with A2A have been signed and harmful decisions related to the Thermal Power Plant Pljevlja second block, Verige and Buljarica have been adopted”, Rakcevic said.

“We did not enter the government for the sake of power and we do not want to stay in it for the sake of power. This is a government that was supposed to open the door of trust and not the government within which anyone will mock other members of the government”, he said.

He added that leaving the government did not mean the party would not run in the elections on 16 October.

“Elections boycott is not a part of pour programme. It is not a priority, but it should not be ruled out either”, Rakcevic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro