URA’s exit would not shake up anyone

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The exit of the URA from the Government will not shake up the executive power, but the party has proved that it has never had the capacity to reveal the possible abuse, said Deputy Prime Minister Azra Jasavic.

She said that the URA’s exit would not change anything.

“I think nor the Government nor the citizens would feel it. This structure has only one goal and that is to protect the interests of individuals from their leadership by taking over the monopoly of DPS, ” said Jasavic for the Portal Antena M.

In Jasavic’s opinion, the URA has not left any track in the Government

“Their fear of their own incompetence is justified. The Positive has indicated it when they entered the government. Through the act of leaving, the URA has confirmed the Positive’s attitude and once again showed that it lags behind us for miles. Their leaving would not shake anyone, and the “gap” in the Government would not be felt, “she said.

Asked if now the exit of the Demos and the SDP from the Government could be expected, Jasavic stated that representatives of the URA entered the executive power without legitimacy, saying that the act of exiting had proven that they have never had the capacity to detect and prevent possible abuses of state resources for party purposes.

“The SDP has toppled the government in the Assembly, but it was not able to withstand without functions and privileges so it entered the government again. Mister Konjevic could have investigate tax evaders when he was Minister of Internal Affairs, no one prevented him from doing so, in fact, it was his job to cooperate with the Minister of Finance to raise those issues. It is clear that they are now working exclusively from political reasons, in order to improve the rating of the party that was in the grip of the DPS for 18 years, and strongly supported all the economic projects and neoliberal economic concept of development of the country, which has undermined the middle class that no longer exists and created a large number of impoverished citizens,” she said.

Demos, argues Jasavic, was a party that does not recognize the state and its institutions.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro