Urgent reforms needed for new jobs

Montenegro should urgently implement structural reforms aimed in better functioning of the internal market and encouraging jobs, in order to withstand the pressure of competition of the European economy, Mitja Drobnic the Head of the EU Delegation in Podgorica said.

“The sooner Montenegro address the structural weaknesses, the faster it will materialize improving trend. If anything is to be learned from the painful process of recovery from the crisis is that insufficient dynamics of structural and institutional reforms slows down the development of every country”, Drobnic said at a conference on management responsibility.

He stated that the EU is a reliable partner of Montenegro in combating the challenges of structural reforms that will support economic development. Key fundamentals that shape the political dialogue with Montenegro and financing policy are the rule of law, economic governance and public administration reform.

“Economic governance and public administration reform have a common denominator, which is the management of public finances. The quality of public financial management directly affects the economic management and development”, Drobnic said at a conference organized by the Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the EU Delegation.

The conference was organized within the framework of the project entitled Strengthening the capacity of EU funds management and general administrative procedures.

He added that the crisis has revealed weaknesses in the public administration and decision-makers to offer effective solutions and recover economic growth and security.

“The financial crisis has turned into a crisis of confidence in public institutions at all levels,” Drobnic concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro