US appreciate Montenegro’s progress in democracy

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United States of America appreciate that Montenegro is an independent state on a path of democratic progress that includes fight against corruption, NATO membership and opposition participation in the Government of electoral trust.

Vice Prime Minister Duško Marković met with the delegation of US Senate Armed Services Committee lead by lieutenant Tom Goffus.

Marković said that Montenegro made a significant progress since regaining independence in 2016, implementing reforms that lead it to NATO and EU doors.

He pointed out that the Accession Protocol of Montenegro to NATO has been ratified by seven countries already, and that ten more are expected to do so in the fall, including US. Goffus said that the procedure has already started in US Senate.

“Montenegro does not only want to use the benefits of NATO membership, but also to contribute to attaining global safety. Goffus said that US recognizes and appreciates this attitude. He expressed gratitude to Montenegro’s Army for taking part in Afghanistan missions”, the statement reads.

The fact that Montenegro allocates 1,6% of its national gross product to defense was deemed positive. Marković said that the goal is to allocate 2%, which would be a significant investment into safety and freedom of individuals and society in general.

There must be a joint solution for growing safety challenges such as terrorism, especially when it comes to ISIS activities.

The significance of fights against corruption and organized crime was underlined, and Marković said that significant results are already being accomplished.

Law enforcement agencies are stronger now, justice system independence has been secured, and activities in fight against corruption demonstrated that political alliances are not stronger that the law. Goffus said that US noticed the democratic progress of Montenegro”, the statement reads.

Marković expressed gratitude to American people, their Government and President for continued support they provide to democratic transformation of Montenegrin society. Montenegro will remain dedicated to successful partnership and friendship with US.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro