US support helps to get invitation

United States of America (USA), as the most powerful member of the Alliance, are expressing an attitude that will help Montenegro to receives an invitation to join NATO on December 1, said the President Filip Vujanovic.

After the end of the summit of leaders of the process Brdo-Brioni, he said it was obvious that this initiative is becoming extremely important and valuable, stating that it initiated Berlin process from which the region has already received the support of the EU for infrastructure and joint use of resources.

“I would say that this meeting in Zagreb has the greatest value of all previous meetings of Brdo-Brioni process and there were really a reasons for it to be extraordinary. It was in the guests that were present and in a signed joint statement which further encouraged the participation of the EU towards the region of Southeast Europe and the Western Balkans. Above all, a strong involvement of the United States to support this initiative was important,” Vujanovic told reporters in Zagreb.

For Montenegro, he added, it was a very important meeting.

“Vice President Biden conveyed on behalf of the United States the strongest support to Montenegro for membership in NATO. It was restated support from Vice President Biden. I have heard it from the President Obama when I was in New York. It is certain that the United States as the most powerful member of NATO alliance expresses an attitude that will help us to get the invitation to NATO on December 1. You also saw that the Vice President Biden has conveyed very clear reasons for giving support to Montenegro for NATO membership. That he affirmed the value of Montenegro in realization of NATO standards during this time that Montenegro has dedicated to NATO. That he said that Montenegro should be highly respected for concluded border agreements with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo,” Vujanovic said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro