US will support ratification of the Accession Protocol

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Montenegro is committed to fulfill the criteria set out in the Euro-Atlantic integration agenda, and the United States will support the process of ratification of the Protocol on the Accession of Montenegro to NATO, an announcement after Minister of Defense, Milica Pejanović Đurišić, met with US senators said.

As announced by the Ministry of Defense, Mrs. Pejanovic Djurisic presented to senators all Montenegrin activities on European and Euro-Atlantic integration agenda.

Emphasizing the great importance of the integration process, not only for Montenegro, but also other countries in the region, Pejanović Đurišić said Montenegro was highly focused on joining Euro-Atlantic community and NATO.

Pejanović Đurišić said that dedicated work on the agenda resulted in success when, in December last year, Montenegro received the invitation for membership.

She said Montenegro expects continued support of the United States, as the main strategic partner, with the aim of affirming comprehensive progress in the process of accession to the Alliance.

“Timely support of the US would be the best message to all who test the solidarity of the Euro-Atlantic community and its allies”, stated Pejanović Đurišić.

Senators congratulated Pejanović Đurišić on the historic success of Montenegro to become the 29th member of the Alliance.

“Impressed by the results achieved in a relatively short time, they all agreed that Montenegro is obviously dedicated to fulfill the criteria set out in the Euro-Atlantic integration agenda”, said Ministry in a statement.

Pejanovic Djurisic also visited two “think-tank” organizations and met with representatives of the “German Marshall” Fund and “Center for New American Security”.

She thanked everyone for their support, hoping it will continue in the future.

The meetings were attended by the Ambassador of Montenegro to the United States, Srđan Darmanović, Head of Cabinet of the Ministry of Defense, Sanela Đozgić, Defense envoy of Montenegro in the United States, Velibor Bakrac and Counsellor at the Embassy of the United States, Dubravka Lalovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro