USA will not interfere in formation of Government

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United Satated of Americe (USA) will not interfere in formation of Montenegrin Government, says Deputy Chief of Mission of the USA in Podgorica, Bix Aliu.

“The upcoming parliamentary elections are a good test of democratic maturity and commitment to the rule of law in the Montenegrin society,” Ali said at a regional conference on the challenges in the fight against cross-border organized crime.

Ali reiterated that the United States believes that Montenegro has the capacity to carry out democratic procedure.

He recalled the statement by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Bryan Hoyt Yee, who said that the United States want to cooperate with all parties based on the values USA consider important, such as democracy, rule of law, personal freedoms, respect for the independence of the judiciary and the media, and the Euro-Atlantic future.

“Our doors are open to all parties who want such a dialogue, but we have no intention in any way to interfere in the election or the formation of the current government,” said Ali.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro