Use a positive assessment from Brussels

Montenegro has to take advantage of positive evaluations from Brussels and focus on concrete progress in the rule of law and adjudication of cases of corruption and organized crime, the CEO of the Alpha Center Alexander Dedovic said .

A visit of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic to NATO headquarters in Brussels and a meeting with the Secretary General, Jens Soltenbergom he explained as a continuation of intensified and focused dialogue in the spirit of the conclusions of the summit of the Alliance in Wales.

According to him, the advantage of the visit is that Montenegro is once again clearly and unambiguously confirmed its foreign policy at the time when the geopolitical map of the world recognizes the different interpretations and visions of future geopolitical, security and economic relations with keywords Montenegro.

On the other hand, Dedovic said, it was an opportunity to hear, once again from Brussels, the message of encouragement for the continuation of the process, as well as the terms “impressed” regarding the achieved success.

“At this point, it is necessary to take advantage of positive wind from Brussels and to focus all energy on two key challenges: finally moving forward in the field of rule of law with concrete results, prosecution and court rulings in criminal offenses of corruption and organized crime,” Dedovic said to agency MINA .

Izvor: RTV Montenegro