Value of Montenegro is not measured by force

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Ranko Krivokapic spoke with US Congressman and President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Michael Turner, and Congressman and Co-Chair of the Montenegrin caucus Doug Lamborn.

Thanking Turner “for the extraordinary and continuous effort to invest in the affirmation of the Euro-Atlantic road of Montenegro”, Krivokapic said that the unanimous vote for a resolution in the US Congress on Montenegro and new efforts invested as President of NATO Parliamentary Assembly are a unique example of friendship and support “that so prominent congressman provides such a small country.”

Representatives of the two Parliamentary Assembly have agreed on the need for joint efforts to affirm the value of peace and security that both the Assembly the OSCE and NATO affirm in Europe.

“In this context, the president of Turner sees the role of Montenegro in the Western Balkans. It was agreed that the next NATO Parliamentary Assembly among its topics has questions related to the expansion of Montenegro”, it was released from the office of Krivokapic.

He is, as stated in the announcement, met with Congressman Doug Lamborn, Co-President of the Montenegrin Caucus, which brings together 47 congressmen who support Montenegro.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro