Vedrana Rudan in Podgorica: Women should declare war against men and church!

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Women should declare war against men and church, Croatian author Vedrana Rudan said at the Western Balkans Women Convention held in Podgorica.

“Men and church are our mortal enemies. We have no right to wage a war, but only to give birth to the warriors. We all are b..ches, parturient women and nursing mothers”, she said.

“Males are our enemies, who are disciplining us thanks to their height and weight. They are equal regardless of where they live”, she added.

Then she commented on the Catholic clergy.

“They are f..king boys, girls, they are f..king each other. They are not held responsible when they kill, or even when they rape or bear arms. The Catholic Church is everybody’s enemy. All of us should start fighting from our homes”, Rudan said.

She explained that she had been forced to put up with illiterate and primitive father because of her mother. As she said, her first victory was when she had opposed her father, which her mother had done a bit later, leaving her husband when she had been 65.

“Men like stupid women, they like to be important and to dominate. I used to do well when pretended to be a retarded lady who needs help to get to the bathroom”, she said.

Rudan believes that women are free when they have a job and a home.

“And they are completely free when they do not have children. Children represent our chains and therefore women have fewer children nowadays. I prefer being dead than being turned into a dust cloth for cleaning a man’s frustrations”, she says.

However, she admits:

“I have a lovely husband, a friend and a son who is a passionate advocate for women’s rights. Not all men are pigs”, Rudan said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro