Vejvoda: No postponing ratification in US

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Ratification of Accession Protocol of Montenegro in US Congress will follow its pace and there are no indications that there will be changes there, said Ivan Vejvoda, Senior Vice President of The German Marshall Fund of the United States. He said that US foreign policies would not change with the new president.

Vejvoda said that people in US are having a hard time accepting the unexpected results of elections.

“There are many discussions on the reasons, the situation is similar to Brexit. No one expected Brexit, yet it happened. I believe this result proves there is a lot of unhappy and uncertain people in US. For the first time, parents in America say to their kids that they will not live better than they did. Trump was a vote for change. They wanted someone new. After meeting leaders of the Republican Party, Trump said his priorities are cutting off Obamacare and interior economy. Every state worries first about its citizens, and foreign affairs are of no priority to Trump”, Vejvoda said.

He said that Clinton won more votes than Trump, but US system accounts for electoral votes where Trump got the majority of 538 – 270 votes.

“It speaks of divided society. Those who lost are very disappointed. There are protests against Trump. It is a complicated situation. Trump said interior affairs are a top priority”, Vejvoda said.

He cannot change foreign policy. If there are changes, they will be gradual. When it comes to our region, Vejvoda said he expects no changes. Europe is our anchor.

He does not believe that Trump could slow down Montenegrin ratification.

“I expect it to follow its pace and nothing suggest change. Ratification will surely happen, we cannot know exactly when, but there are no obstacles”, Vejvoda is convinced.

He believes Trump will have to change some of his previous attitudes.

“He will have to revise his opinions. When asked whether he will forbid Muslims from entering the country, Trump did not want to respond. He will be less radical than anticipated”, Vejvoda concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro