Vejvoda: The Protocol to be ratified in US by the end of the year

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You can not allow that monuments be built for murderers of officials of former Yugoslavia – stated Ivan Vejvoda in an interview to Pobjeda. He is Senior Vice President of The German Marshall Fund of the United States. He believes that the ratification of Montenegro’s Accession Protocol in US will be done by the end of the year.

“We are approaching democratic elections, that will be held on November 8th. There is a time after the elections when many things that are left behind get finished in the Congress. This is when I think the ratification will be done. Process of ratification in other countries should be swift as well, but it of course depends on schedules, interior politics.. It is hard to estimate whether some countries will ratify by the end of the year or in the first few months of the next”, Vejvoda said.

We live in challenging times, Vejvoda talks about safety and guarantees within NATO.

“Western Balkan is an important piece of the puzzle in NATO. You can not be completely safe in Europe today, due to terrorism both national and foreign. Joint efforts in preventing terrorist attacks are of paramount importance”, he said.

Migration crisis must be resolved as well.

“In order to resolve migration crisis, Syrian crisis must be resolved first. We must not forget African refugees either, there are two or three million of them, and Europe must support them somehow. NATO Summit in Warsaw, held for the first time in former communist country, was significant because it underlined global challenges. They are serious, which is why there is hope that countries will overcome their differences in order to resolve them. But, I repeat, no one can guarantee 100% safety in today’s world”, Vejvoda said.

He said that monument for Miro Barešić in Croatia is completely inappropriate.

“You can not allow the killer of officials of former Yugoslavia to get a monument. There will be peaceful times, but also times when the passions run high and ideologies get used politically”, Vejvoda said.

Lukšić has small chances

He commented on the Secretary General of UN race, saying Montenegrin candidate has small chances of winning.

“That it is what it looks like after the second round of secret voting in UN. Still, race remains open, so it is difficult to make predictions. The race is still uncertain”, Vejvoda said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro