Velimirovic changed his statement under presure

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Mirko Velimirovic’s subsequent statement that the “construction” of his confession was “drawn up by the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office (SDT)” can only indicate that he is subjected to pressures of those against whom criminal proceedings have not been completed yet, and the structures behind them, which is the fact that he had recently informed the Special Prosecutor, announced the SDT’s Public service.

Yesterday one of the leaders of the Democratic Front (DF), Predrag Bulatovic read a statement of Velimirovic, certified in the Municipal Court in Novi Pazar, which says that he was abused by the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, and that the construction of the alleged confession was drawn up by the Prosecutor’s Office of Montenegro.

“As public knows, the High Court in Podgorica issued a decision to adopt the plea agreement concluded between the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office and the accused Mirko Velimirovic in relation to the crime of creating a criminal organization … This means that the court, among other things, determined that accused Mirko Velimirovic knowingly and voluntarily confessed to a crime he was charged with, that the confession was in accordance with the evidence contained in the case file, that he fully understood the consequences of the concluded agreement, and in particular that he waived the right to trial and the right to appeal against the court decision rendered under the agreement, “stated the SDT.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro