Veliu: I’m not afraid of coming to Montenegro and you do not need to be afraid of my book

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The leader of the Movement for United Albania, Tahir Veliu, is not afraid to come to Montenegro, where he plans to promote Greater Albania tomorrow. According to him, it includes a part of Montenegro. He told CdM that, on the other hand, Montenegro should not be afraid of his book because books are written to be read, not to threaten anyone.

However, he is banned from entering Serbia and Greece. He plans to enter Montenegro via Kosovo, ie through the border crossing Kula.

“I do not expect to have a problem with a book launch in Montenegro. I think that the Montenegrin government is not afraid of the book. Books are written to be read, not to make anyone afraid. There is nothing to be afraid of. Greater Albania represents a peace offer in the region”, Veliu said.

However, he did not want to answer who he was called to Montenegro by.

“This was done by the Albanian community in Montenegro. We have members in all the territories of Greater Albania. The meeting is funded by the Movement for United Albania. We pay everything ourselves”, Veliu added.

Several hundreds of like-minded people are expected to attend the book launch.

“The more, the better”, he said.

The book launch has been scheduled for Saturday at 3pm in Tuzi.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro