Verdict in the case ‘’Zavala’’ revoked

Appellate Court of Montenegro revoked verdict in the case of “Zavala” and returned it to the High Court in Podgorica on another trial. The case is returned to the first instance court for retrial to another judge.

“The judgment of the Appellate Court adopted the appeals of the accused Dragan Marovic and Dragan Zinic, as well as the appeals of the defense for Rajko Kuljaca, Dragan Marovic, Djordje Pinjatic, Dragana Zinic, Slobodan Djurovic, Stevan Vucetic, Sreten Tomovic, Novak Stanojevic, Marko Kalostra and Dragan Sekulic. The first instance verdict is abolished in the sentencing part in relation to the accused and the case is remanded to the first instance court for retrial to another judge, while the appeal of the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office – Department for combating organized crime, corruption, war crimes and terrorism in Podgorica, is so far pointless’’, the adviser for public relations Appellate Court Milena Djacetic said.

The High Court in Podgorica previously convicted former President of the Municipality of Budva, Rajko Kuljaca to five years in prison, and the Secretary for Investments Dragan Marovic to four years in prison for the alleged benefits to the company Zavala Invest and damaging the municipal budget for 821, 6 thousand euros.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro