Vershbow: Horizons of Montenegro will be globally expanded by joining NATO

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Previous experiences of the Alliance expansion show the progress of countries that are going through the reforms, and such an example is Montenegro too, and your horizons will be globally expanded, said the deputy of general secretary of NATO Alexander Vershbow.

He had a meeting with prime minister Milo Djukanovc today at the 2BS Forum in Budva where he congratulated or country on the achieved results, emphasizing that he’s glad that the Protocol will be signed by the prime minister on behalf of Montenegro.

Djukanovic thanked NATO administration for help and support in the process of accession of our country to the Alliance, stating that he’s satisfied by the recent signing of the Accession protocol at he Ministers meeting in Brussels.

They also discussed current situation and processes in Montenegro and Wetsern Balkans.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro