Veselji: A common position necessary for border with Montenegro

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President of Kosovo’s parliament Kadri Veselji, said that regarding the border with Montenegro, political spectre of Kosovo needs a common position.

Veselji Said for Voice of America that the issue of marking the borders is of strategic significance for strengthening sovereignity and national ntegrity of Kosovo.

“We’re not ready to give away even a square centimeter of Kosovo, but also we won’t allow emotional manipulation regarding the issue that is related to our territorial integrity”, he said.

Veselji said that the demarcation has to be finished, especially with a neighbour such as Montenegro, which was among the first countries to recognize Kosovo’s independence.

“We need to keep good relationships with all of our neighbours, and strengthen our relations with international community, but I want to say that our institutions wil, very quickly and smartly decide regarding the demarcation”, said Veselji.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro