VIDEO and PHOTO: Traffic jams again: Entire city suffers because of a few persons!



“Because of several dozens of people, hundreds of thousands of us cannot live normally. The entire city suffers because of them. To make the things worse, it’s rainy today. I do not really know how to explain why I’m late for work every day or why my children are late for school. We were able to stand this during the school holiday, but this blockade is really unacceptable now.” Thus, a woman from Podgorica described the situation in the city which is blocked because the workers of the Aluminium Plant (KAP) are still protesting in front of the Parliament, thus blocking the key road in Podgorica – Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog.

However, the workers claim they are protesting because they are forced to:

“It is not easy for us. We’re sick, wet… But let the state fulfil its promise and we will leave”, one of the workers said.

Meanwhile, residents of Podgorica are staying in a deep trouble.

“I really can’t walk from one to the other part of the city every day”, a woman from Podgorica who lives in Preko Morace neighbourhood and works on Stari Aerodrom neighbourhood.

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