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Emir of Dubai, who arrived in Montenegro today, is worth over 20 billion dollars, which makes him the fifth richest monarch in the world. He has been ruling UAE since 2006.

Prime Minister and Vice President of United Arab Emirates and Emir of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, known simply as Sheikh Mohammed, is to stay in Tivat during his visit to Montenegro, CdM learns.

He landed on Tivat Airport last night, and used the opportunity to take walk in the luxury complex of Porto Montenegro.

Who is Emir of Dubai?

Emir of Dubai is worth over 20 billion dollars, which makes him the fifth richest monarch in the world. He has been ruling UAE since 2006.

Even while has Prince of Dubai (1995-2006), he has started and oversaw many projects in UAE. The most famous among them are Palm Islands and luxury hotel Burj Al Arab. He actively participated in planning Burj Dubai, the highest construction in the world.


In 2004, Sheikh Mohammed founded Dubai Holding, a company with many different investment and business projects. Today, he owns 99,67% of the company.

He is a stakeholder in many companies and hotels. He also owns the largest yacht in the world, Dubai, that is 160m long.

He is the world’s leading owner of race horses, that have won more than 150 trophies. He owns horse stables in US, Australia, UK and Ireland. He is the host to Dubai World Cup, race for horses with the biggest awards.

Sheikh Mohammed can be often seen walking the streets of Dubai. He lives a relaxed life, as can be seen in many photographs. He is easily approachable and open.


He does not hold back with donations. In 2007, he gave 10 billion dollars to charity, in order to improve education in Middle East. This is considered one of the largest donations in history.

In September 2007, Sheikh Mohammed started a campaign called Dubai Cares, in order to gather money for education of million children from poor countries. Campaign is a contribution of Dubai to UN’s program of basic education for all children by 2015. Funds gathered in the campaign are in the amount of over 900 million dollars.


On September 3rd 2008, Sheikh Mohammed has started campaign Noor Dubai in celebration of Ramadan. The goal of the campaign is to help World Health Organization in curing blindness and visual impairment.

Experts and media agree that Sheikh Mohammed is the most significant figure in Dubai’s meteor development..

ICD from Dubai, founded in 2006, is the owner of important companies in almost all sectors: finance, oil, energy, airfare, real estate, trade.. President and executive director of the fund is Sheikh Mohammed Al Shaibani.

ICD from Dubai bought a stake in Porto Montenegro.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro