VIDEO: Brumeaud and Pajovic: French ratification of the protocol is unquestionable

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France is supporting the path of Montenegro towards NATO, and the beginning of the process of the ratification of the protocol is just a matter of a date, said the ambassador of France Veronique Brumeaud at a meeting with president of the Parliament Darko Pajovic.

“Brumeaud said that French ratification of the protocol is unquestionable”, it was said from the cabinet of the president of the Parliament.

Pajovic thanked the ambassador for French support in European and Euroatlantic integrations of Montenegro.

“I believe that good political relations will be followed bu strengthening economic cooperation between two countries”, said Pajovic.

Pajovic informed the ambassador of the international activities of the Parliament, ratifications of the Protocol for accession of Montenegro to NATO, dynamics of the operation of parliamentary working groups, but also about activities in area of cooperation between the Parliament and the NGO sector and local administrations.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro