VIDEO: CdM alerts police yet again: Tow flies through the red light! Witness: I was struck dumb

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Maniacal behavior behind the wheel on Montenegrin roads is starting to resemble an epidemic in the last few days. After CdM yesterday released footage showing the driver of a van from Pljevlja refusing to allow the ER to pass and save the victims of a serious car accident, another drastic example of negligence and irresponsibility shocked the people of Podgorica. This time, the driver of a huge truck (whose license plates unfortunately cannot be distinguished), is playing “kamikaze” at a crossroads in the capital of Montenegro.

“His impatience could have cost the lives of several people, where only he could survive, since he is in a cabin one meter above the ground, in a tug”, a young man who recoded the whole scene said for CdM.

Yesterday at 4:30 PM, at the intersection of streets Bracana Bracanovića and 4th July, near the Milorad Musa Burzan elementary school, the truck driving in the right-only lane went straight – and did it through a red light.

This speeding continued past the health center.

The young man who filmed this told CdM that he “froze”, expecting the worst.

“The crossroads thankfully cleared on time, which is not always a rule. But if it hadn’t, the truck would have hit at least 5-6 cars and ruined us all”, said this young man.

CdM reported this case to the police as well, hoping they will be able to do something about it, since everything was recorded from a car standing across the street.

How often do you witness such scenes on the streets of Montenegro?

VIDEO: CdM, Podgoricki vremeplov

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro