VIDEO: CdM reported to the police: A driver from Pljevlja does not allow ambulance to overtake him/her and save people injured in an accident!

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The 122 traffic accidents in the last fourteen days 11 people were killed. These data are alarming and call for community’s response. In addition, CDM has a proof how irresponsible certain drivers are.

In the video footage from Pljevlja, it can be seen that the driver of a car license plate PV AB 792 does not allow the ambulance to overtake him/her, although he/she is certainly aware that life of the people transported by the ambulance depends on how quickly it will get to the hospital!

That night, on Saturday, 1 October, the two people who suffered serious injuries in an accident on the road Pljevlja–Gradac needed help.

What is the punishment for such behaviour?

CDM has sent the video to the police and reported the driver of the vehicle with PV AB 792 licence plates.

We want to know whether the driver will be detained, what he/she will be charged with and how he will be punished.

CDM is going to follow the case and ask about it every day.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro