VIDEO: Cooperation with A2A agreed upon!

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Montenegrin Government has agreed on terms of cooperation with Italian company A2A, said Vujica Lazović, Vice Prime Minister in charge of economy.

The new contract brings a few articles – Montenegro and Italy have renounced arbitrage, EPCG is a guarantee, and A2A has an exit should it not support the second block.


In that case, the state will acquire A2A’s shares.

“The success of the negotiations is in the fact that we have managed to agree that, if we acquire shares, we are to pay them over 7 years and for 250 million EUR, which is less than the first number of 500 million”, Lazović said, Antena M reports.

He did not want to give a precise amount of cost for construction of TE Pljevlja.

“Negotiations are being finalized these days. I would not comment until they are over. Our team has managed to decrease the price. Their last suggestion was 325 million EUR, ours is 321 million. We will know soon enough”, Lazović said.

He hopes that the contract will be signed soon.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro