VIDEO: Danilovic: A car cannot be a status symbol in Interior Ministry

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Representatives of the opposition in the government found irregularities in the work of institution – the public is familiar with some of them and it is yet to become familiar with some of them, said Interior Minister Goran Danilovic. When it comes to his ministry, he said he had already stopped certain procurements.

“We have not taken any chances – we are investigating all the details, including the certain public procurements. I have already stopped some of them, since those were to high sums having in mind our situation. I believe that we do not need new cars for any of our needs if we have a pretty sufficient number of them”, Danilovic said.

Danilovic said that this topic might be irrelevant for someone, but the fact that ministry has over 900 cars must be taken into account.

According to the minister, the car cannot be a status symbol, but operation matter in the ministry.

“I am convinced that a reorganisation related to the use of the cars would begin as of today. Last week we ordered a detailed analysis to be issued and to reassign cars in order for the vehicles with certain purposes to be given to those who need them”, the minister explained.

Opposition representatives, regardless of which party they belong to and regardless of whether they are ministers, deputy prime ministers or officials deployed in ministries, state institutions or companies, are working without any problems, Danilovic added.

When it comes to the problem of redundant employees in public administration, Danilovic believes that it is best to solve the problem by forming a separate ministry to deal with it.

“I do not think we can solve this now, but certainly you can expect us to launch an initiative to start solving this problem. I believe that a separate ministry should be in charge of public administration – not in terms of employing additional 50-100 people in that ministry, I just believe there should be someone to deal with that in long-term, rather than the Interior Ministry to add that issue to all its obligations”, Danilovic said.

He reiterated that he went to Belgrade at his own expense and that he did not use any ministry’s resource. He said he went there by a car used by the minister’s escort, he is legally entitled to.

He returned by the plane at his own expense, although he could have used a car with civil license plates. The ministry has 86 and the Police Directorate has 119 such cars.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro