VIDEO: DF to prime minister "Milo, thief!", security reacted, Djukanovic left the Parliament

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Parliament meeting where the new members of the temporary government were supposed to be discussed lasted almost a minute.

Reason for this is that the prime minister Milo Djukanovic didn’t even get a chance to speak. When he came out to speak, members of DF started chanting “Milo, thief!”

Branko Radulovic told him: „What can I do when you are?!“

Djukanovic nodded his head and after thirty seconds he replied saying “Well done, jerks!”

Chief of parliament Ranko Krivokapic interrupted the meeting.

After the cameras were shut down, members of DF continued with offensive words towards the prime minister. He didn’t remain silent either.

The security of the Parliament reacted, after which the members of DF left the room and soon after them the prime minister left the building of the Parliament.

At the meeting of the parliament, the discussion was supposed to be about Djukanovic’s proposal for changes in the government and about the initiative for replacement of the president of the Parliament Ranko Krivokapic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro