VIDEO: DF’s march: They called out Danilovic and sang Chetnik songs

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Opposition interior minister in the Government of electoral trust Goran Danilovic was the key “target” at the last night’s rally and then protest march of Democratic Front (DF).

Leaders of the alliance accused Danilovic that he banned them from setting up the stage and holding a concert in the Slobode street where they held the rally marking the anniversary of the protests.

“He issues prohibitions instead of being here with us”, said one of DF leaders, Nebojsa Medojevic.

Since the concert was banned, the alliance leader Andrija Mandic invited the crowd into a sudden walk along the Sveti Petar Cetinjski boulevard.

Therefore, the police managed to close the boulevard immediately and provide them the unannounced march in front of the institutions, which are, as DF puts it, trapped.

When they arrived in front of the Ministry of Interior, they called out Danilovic again. The crowd chanted “Goran, come out!” and “Goran is Milo”.

However, they most often chanted “Milo, the thief!” and “He’s gone”.

Some of them sang Chetnik songs like “Oj Kosovo, Kosovo” and “Od Topole, od Topole”.

During a rally in the Slobode street in front of the prosecutor’s office headquarters, DF accused the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) of pillaging Montenegro.

“We are charging Milo Djukanovic, Dusko Markovic and the rest of thieving clique with pillaging Montenegro”, Mandic said.

Milan Knezevic also had a message for DPS and other parties.

“We’re not going to cooperate with DPS under any conditions. We want everybody else to promise this as well. We will consider all of them as traitors if they betray the people’s will”, he said.

Bands Osvajaci, Katapult and Akademija, as well as Dejan Jeftic orchestra, appeared on the stage. Their concert, as DF said, was banned.

“Whoever does not listen to songs, they will listen to the storm (a verse from a famous ex Yugoslav band’s song)”, Nebojsa Medojevic said.


Source: Cafe Del Montenegro