VIDEO: Djukanovic: I don’t want us to spoil relations with Kosovo because of demarcation

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Montenegro has shown that it doesn’t aspire to a single meter of Kosovo’s territory, said prime minister Milo Djukanovic, who, as he said, doesn’t want these issues to spoil the relations that Pristina has with Montenegro and Montenegrins.

“If there are any unclarities, they can be resolved in a completely different manner and Montenegro will wait for it to be resolved”, said Djukanovic.

He said on a TV show on RTCG in Albanian language that the demarcation was done “carefully and in accordance with kosovo’s constitution and the Resolution of Kosovo’s parliament”.

“All of this is very reassuring that the commissions have done a good job”, said Montenegrin prime minister.

He reminded that former president of Kosovo hired an expert team from USA, Great Britain and Germany which had “determined that there were no violations of territorial interests of two countries”.

“We understand that there are some doubts on Kosovo side. To us it seems that it’s more of an issue of disagreements in Kosovo itself. We want it to be solved in a democratic way. We hope that this is what will happen”, said Djukanovic.

He emphasized that official Podgorica will wait for this issue to be resolved.

“We believe that citizens and country of Kosovo do not want to spoli good relations that they have with Montenegro and Montenegrin citizens because of these issues. But I repeat, if there is a problem, then this problem should be solved in another way”, emphasized Djukanovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro