VIDEO: Djukanovic: Montenegro knows what humanity is – we are ready for refugee influx

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Montenegro is not directly affected by the migrant crisis, but we have taken adequate measures to deal with possible refugee influx, Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said at the UN summit on refugees and migrants in New York.

“As many times in history, due to its geopolitical position, Europe remains the most open and vulnerable to the consequences of conflicts in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. And the Balkans is as usual an indispensable witness of the process in which people find themselves fleeing from war and poverty. It is a common observation that after the Second World War there were no migratory flows like today. And that’s true. But it is also true that there are powerful international organisations whose mechanisms must be used in dealing with such complex political and humanitarian challenges. Responsibility for helping and accepting refugees and migrants should be more evenly distributed”, the PM said.

According to him, Montenegro is very well aware what human approach and moral and political responsibility and solidarity mean.

Djukanovic called into mind that Montenegro was the only ex Yugoslav republic which preserved peace and multiethnic harmony during the bloody disintegration of the former country Yugoslavia and that it opened its borders for all people who were fleeing from the horrors of war, so that at one point there were over 120,000 refugees in Montenegro, ie a fifth of its population.

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