VIDEO: Djukanovic-Orav: We will have a responsible attitude to the EC’s assessments and recommendations

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Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic met the Head of the EU Delegation to Montenegro, Ambassador Aivo Orav who handed over the European Commission’s Montenegro 2016 Report to him.

Djukanovic thanked Orav for the report and said that that the Government of Montenegro would have a responsible attitude towards to the EC’s assessments and recommendations for further improvement of the negotiating process and bare them in mind when defining the government’s programme and the programme of Montenegro’s accession to the EU.

He pointed out that Montenegro would continue to work with commitment on fulfilling its obligations under the European agenda and to implement reforms that would lead to the standards adoption and citizens’ life quality improvement, which will ensure further progress towards membership in the European family of nations.

He also underscored that Montenegro’s parliamentary elections proved once again the determination to persevere in the European and Euro-Atlantic path, which certainly leads to membership in NATO and the EU.

Orav thanked for the reception and congratulated on this year’s report in which the results and progress Montenegro achieved are noted.

He pointed out that the report at the same time contains precise and detailed guidance in the direction of continuing better implementation of commitments in the accession process, with an emphasis on areas where further efforts are needed for the reform effects to produce the desired results.

He added that he expected swift government forming in order to continue the negotiation process and send a positive message from Montenegro.

He expressed Delegation’s and his personal commitment to continuing cooperation with Montenegrin institutions on the path to full membership in the EU.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro