VIDEO: Djukanovic: To last for 25 years is a success; the elections will confirm DPS’s dominance

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In turbulent times and the traditionally unstable communities such as those at the volatile Balkans, it is a success to last for 25 years in the political arena. A particular success is when this duration does not pass in vain and when it is turned into a multitude of good results and achievements we can be proud of today not only as a party but primarily our country, democratic and European Montenegro, said the president of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) Milo Djukanovic at a ceremony on the occasion of 22 June, the party day. Djukanovic is convinced that the upcoming elections will confirm DPS’s dominance and superiority.

He said that this was a year in which we celebrate many anniversaries – 10 years of restoring independence, 1,000 years of statehood, the 25th anniversary of DPS…

“This celebration is held just a few months ahead of a new, significant electoral and political challenge, which will… confirm the serious political dominance and superiority of the DPS”, the prime minister said.

He called in mind developments that happened during this quarter of a century.

“DPS was created 25 years ago practically on the ruins of a great and good state such as the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) and a party that had inherited great ideas such as the SFRY Communist Party”, Djukanovic said.

He added that these 25 years were years of dynamic transformation of both Montenegrin society and DPS, which had its vision and designed and implemented the changes in Montenegrin society.

“It used to be the least developed republic in the former Yugoslavia… and currently it is the most developed economy in the Western Balkans… and its society has become a distinctive part of the pro-European civilisation at the backward Balkans”, Djukanovic said.

Djukanovic said that Montenegro was a country that was practically received in NATO and that it showed capacity to change traditional value system and to acquire things that might make the life of future generations easier, richer, freer and more prosperous.

He said that particular achievements of Montenegro were preserving peace in turbulent 1990s and restoring independence without bloodshed, adding that it was not only a success of the country but also a DPS’s success.

He added that Montenegro was currently facing a great challenge.

“I do not mean just the electoral challenges related to the standard election procedure in October, but also the new challenges our developed European environment is faced with. We can be quite sure that the Montenegrin society, thanks to the reliability, perseverance and foresight of DPS, has acquired a new quality – to clearly recognise and articulate its own national interests, to clearly situate them in broader global flows and to boldly and thoughtfully meet new development goals of our country and improve the quality of life of all our citizens”, Djukanovic said.

Djukanovic added that, despite the fuss created by DPS’s competitors, the vast majority of citizens would support the party’s politics and its HR potential, believing that the challenges DPS has led the Montenegrin society through were the best proof it would successfully deal with the challenges in the future.

He also promised that the mistakes would be corrected in the future.

“Relying on each other and firmly relying on a valuable party programme base, in the forthcoming period we will have a chance to correct all individual act of injustice against all the people who support us, or who we have commitment to, regardless of whether they support us or not. Through the expected efforts and assumed success in the upcoming elections, I suppose we will win a new trust of the citizens of Montenegro to continue to lead Montenegro towards the economic and democratic prosperity”, said the leader of DPS.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro